All of the information written, described, and reinforced with images on this site is for the purpose of promoting the Turax Token project, and each individual must review this information and act with their own decisions and accept the following conditions. Please review carefully.


1) This technical document does not contain investment advice.


2) Each individual is obliged to act with his own decision.


3) Tokens do not represent securities like stocks. Therefore, no token holder

has the right to demand and claim dividends like stocks and securities.


4) Please act by knowing and controlling the legal provisions of crypto assets

in your country. Turax Token team is not and cannot be responsible for the

operation of the laws in your country. Turax is not responsible for any delays or

failures that may occur in some parts of the project due to laws.


5) Turax Token is not responsible for the volatility in the markets, negative news

sources, ups and downs, loss of value that may occur due to personal or

country-wide problems.


6) Turax Token is a system based on the Bep20 network. Although Blockchain

and Bep20 networks are secure networks, systemic disruptions, interruptions

and blockages may occur. Turax cannot be held responsible for these negative

situations and the interruption of the project.


7) Crypto assets can be sold or exchanged by their owners. Turax is not

responsible for changes in token prices resulting from

these commercial transactions.


8) This technical document has been prepared by Turax Token and changes

such as changing / improving / updating the document can be made.

It is possible that this document will be published in different languages,

and Turax Token is not responsible for language changes and differences in

information and content due to translation.


9) The information described in this technical document has not been examined

and approved by authorized persons and media. For this reason,

it will not be used in any lawsuit that may occur in the future.