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     How Does Turax Mobile APP Work?

• The user selects the digital currency they want to convert to fiat money within seconds.

• Our mobile application keeps it in its memory and whenever the user opens the application and presses the “Swap” button, Face ID, fingerprint scanning or the specified Pin code is displayed as an additional security.


• If the security phase is passed successfully, the system automatically performs the exchange of the crypto money you selected in the first stage and the foreign currency (fiat money) from the defined stock market accounts within seconds. When the time is up, the exchanged amount is reflected on the Turax application on the device and on your physical card. You can now make your payment with your NFC (contactless payment) QR code or card.


• With this amount transferred to his account and physical card, the user is not limited to making transactions only in fiat money.


• In the extra sections within the application, the “Send Digital Money to a Friend” section will also attract attention.


• Likewise, in this section, the user will be able to send any of the digital assets available in his account to anyone he wishes. With our user-friendly application, which is completely far from detailed transactions in classical stock market applications, it will complete the sending process in just a few steps.


                                               About us


  Turax designs products, virtual and real, using Blockchain and Web 3.0 technology in order to bring a unique innovation to online payment systems worldwide.


  The aim of our project; It is to transform the crypto assets in the existing stock market accounts of the users into coins that can be used in daily life in seconds with the highly secure Turax Mobile App. Turax Token, with the infrastructure it is developing; It is a technology that contributes to the formation of a structure that is valid in all parts of the world and in all areas of the world and that can be easily used by everyone, under its leadership.


  At this very point in our activities, there are mobile applications and real products to be developed by the Turax Token project, as well as the plans and programs we have designed to close this important gap in the sector.


                                                                        OUR PROJECT  

   In our giant project, we plan to remove the limitation that the wonderful architecture of Blockchain technology can only be used by people who are familiar with or enthusiastic about this industry. In our first goal, under the leadership of Turax Token, we will ensure that other elite crypto assets are available to all people in the simplest and easiest way.

  We plan to open the doors of the crypto world to everyone with the Mobile App, which we will launch in the last quarter of 2022.



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